Hello, Family and Friends

On Friday, August 4, at 7PM, I will give a reading from An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones, sell books, and stamp them at the Commons Cafe at 388 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn.There is no cover charge, but event goers purchase meals from the cafe to support the community work.

Here is part of the mission statement from the Commons Cafe website: “THE COMMONS is a radical movement-building space, only minutes from downtown Brooklyn. We provide resources which we hope will nurture our community. Groups and individuals are encouraged to use the COMMONS for workshops, classes, educational and cultural events.”

The Commons Cafe offers light, nutritious meals at reasonable prices. When I was there in June, salmon burgers, green salads and spinach burritos were on the menu. The cafe sells various teas–I had a delicious ginger ginseng tea for $3–organic trade coffees, wine, beer, and desserts. Meals range from $8 to $12. Here’s the link to read more about the Commons Cafe. Click on the Events tab to see the room behind the curtain at the end of the cafe where the reading will take place: http://thecommonsbrooklyn.org/content/commons-cafe 

Allowing a half hour for audience members to settle in with their meals, the reading portion of the program will begin at 7:30. The event space seats 75 comfortably. The reading will be structured in two acts with a fifteen- minute intermission in between. Each of these two brief readings will be followed by a question and answer period. During the intermission and after the second reading I will sell and stamp books. We should finish up around 9:15 PM. My life partner,  sisterfriend, and I will turn into pumpkins if we don’t catch the 10 PM bus back to New Jersey.

New Jerseyites, even those who missed the Book Launch, I am not expecting you to make this trip. But Manhattanites, if you can’t make it, please  send your Brooklyn friends and others who want to discover an intriguing book and have a fine meal. A third of you have read or are now reading the book. You are welcome to post comments on your reactions. If you don’t have the book yet, please consider coming to the reading.

The first brief reading will be a repeat of the Book Launch excerpt, but the second brief reading will make its debut. To signal the end of the intermission, I will sing snatches of my mother’s favorite songs. I am certain people will head back to their seats quickly to get me to stop.

All the Best,


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