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David Rothenberg will interview me about An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones on his program, Any Saturday, this Saturday, July 8, 8 AM  – 10 AM on  99.5 FM, WBAI, listener-sponsored, community radio. You can listen online, www.wbai.org,  in real time, or later if you’re not usually up that early on a Saturday morning.

His show is a mix of music, discussions about politics, theater, movies, books, and fundraising for the station. The interview is usually from 9 AM – 9:20 AM, but he’s somewhat flexible within his time frame, so it’s good to tune in at the beginning. He always has a thought-provoking program.

In case you forward this to someone who doesn’t know anything about the book, here’s a summary:

Josephine E. Jones, a South Carolina sharecropper’s daughter, born in 1920, moved to New York in 1946. By 1966, she was not only a Harlem activist, but the first Black woman in management at a Fortune 500 company, Standard Brands, now Kraft Heinz. Her story is intertwined with African American History.

It’s an American story, a Great Migration story, a New York story, a Black family’s story, and a Mother-Daughter story.

Please let others know who might be interested.

Thank you for being part of the listening audience.

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The interview is right at the end of Bobby Short’s song. 
Here are the interview time markers:
Start – 1:03:35
End – 1:19:24
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