Hello, Family and Friends

The book is on track for May 19th publication. People who contribute now will have to wait until the second printing for their names to appear on the List of Sponsors. I am envisioning a warm and interesting evening for May 24th.

Fundraising Tally

The tally has not changed since the week before last. How do I feel about that? Whatever needs to happen to produce a second printing will happen. Expertise needed and funds that are essential have shown up. Recently, I received a refund of a little over $200 that went back into Ida Bell Publishing, LLC, for the book.

                          $3,201.43  Ding! Ding! Ding! Thank You!

                            Ida Bell Publishing, LLC, can now pay for the final 3 months of the publicist’s time.
                          We’re on our way to raising money for the second printing.
          Subtotal     3,323.23
               Total   $3,420.03
All the Best,


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