Hello, Family and Friends

Book Launch Preparations


I have been preparing for the Book Launch at the Springfield Library, which will take place on

Wednesday, May 24th, from 7PM to 9PM.


The two brief excerpts I’ll read will be new to you no matter how many readings you’ve attended over the years.

My intent is to let you hear  my mother’s voice and get a sense of her personality.


After the reading, I will answer your questions.

Delicious light refreshments are also coming your way.


And you will be able to buy the book and have it hand stamped.

It is my signature, I just can’t sign manually repeatedly if I want my hand to continue working.


There’s still much to do before I turn in tonight, so here’s the tally.

Fundraising Tally

Since there’s been no change, I will just post last week’s tally.

$3,201.43  Ding! Ding! Ding! Thank You!
                            Ida Bell Publishing, LLC, can now pay for the final 3 months of the publicist’s time.
                          We’re on our way to raising money for the second printing.
          Subtotal     3,323.23
               Total   $3,420.03
All the Best,




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