Hello, Family and Friends

In the last four weeks of the fundraiser, I hope to raise enough money for the second printing and the unexpected expenses.

If you are considering donating, please do so now before your busy schedule consumes you.

If you’ve already donated, have you contacted everyone you can think of who might be interested in the book?

You can send the fundraiser video and the website link: http://idabellpublishing.com.

The excerpt from the book is on the website under the  Book Tab.

Great News!

 The link isn’t the only way to get to the website.

If you type  “idabellpublishing” into Google, the website pages come up.

Don’t leave off the second “l” in “bell.” If you do, you’ll end up in Iowa. Idabel [all one word] Publishing is based in Idabel, Iowa.

Here are the results for this past week:

                           $3,201.43  Ding! Ding! Ding! Thank You!
                            Ida Bell Publishing, LLC, can now pay for the final 3 months of the publicist’s time.
                          We’re on our way to raising money for the second printing.
       Sub Total    $3,298.23
         Total       $3,323.23
                         $6,676.77 more needed to reach the final goal.
All the Best,
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