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In this, my first post, I will answer some questions that have been asked by a sponsor of An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E Jones.

I am sure you want to know the answers to these questions, too.

1) What books are for sale, if any, in addition to An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones?

An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones, to be published in May, will be our debut publication. No other books are available right now.

2) Do you mean eventually to accept mss. from others for publication?

The next book Ida Bell Publishing, LLC, will publish will be a children’s picture book for ages 9 to 12 written by Wendy Jones and illustrated by Natalie Marino.

After that book is published, Ida Bell Puiblishing, LLC, will open the door for submissions in the areas of literary fiction, serious nonfiction, and children’s chapter books. More details will follow at that time.

The sponsor also asked questions about the publicist.

The publicist has written press materials to send to magazines, newspapers, radio shows, podcasts, and television programs to interest them in interviewing the author or reviewing the book.

Biographical information on the author, a pithy summary of the book, an eye-catching cover, and a convincing argument that the book will be perfect for the readers or listeners are all included in this press kit.

These materials in slightly different form also go to libraries and bookstores.

Just as the movies show previews and send their stars out to do interviews, this is a way to drum up interest in the book so bookstores and libraries will buy it.

Once they do, the readers who have read the reviews or listened to the interviews will purchase the book or borrow it from the library.

Ida Bell Publishing, LLC, is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, which provides information about and access to programs that both educate independent book publishers about the industry and connect them to reviewers that will review their books and bookstores that will buy them.

The publicist has given advice and answered questions on which programs would be most helpful to this particular book.

A publicist can only do her best to connect you, the reader, with the book. You are the one who decides whether to spend the time and the money to enter into the world of the writer.

And you are the one who tells your friend, “You must read this book!”

Wendy Jones
Ida Bell Publishing, LLC

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